Weekend Flash Sale: Motif Framework

Motif Framework logoThought Police Interactive is running a 24-hour weekend flash sale on all four Motif Framework titles! We are celebrating the massive update for the Motif Story Engine (jumping from 77 to 109 pages) and the positive reception it has received. The additions and revisions were based on your critiques and requests. So please, keep it coming!

We are also hard at work on similar updates for the other three Motif Engines. In addition, we have heard the many requests for genre patch sets, especially for fantasy and horror games. As a result, we currently have the starter manuscripts for the Motif Fantasy Pack and Motif Horror Pack in playtesting! If you have any specific requests, visit our website at thoughtpolice.games and submit them at Bugs & Requests under Products.

If you have any friends curious about Motif, solo roleplaying, or GM-emulators, now is a great time for them to pick it up while it is on sale. If you have any writer friends looking for writing games and writer’s block tools, the Motif Story Engine is also popular with authors for that very purpose! Please spread the word.

Flash sale pricing will only be valid until Sunday 25 April 23:59 GMT (8:00 PM Eastern/5:00 PM Pacific). Don’t miss out!

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