Using Dice as a tool in Solo Roleplaying

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Using random dice for your solo endeavours. Plus… it’s fun sorting through random dice. Check out my Patreon campaign right here:


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3 thoughts on “Using Dice as a tool in Solo Roleplaying

  1. Great episode, my brother! It's always cool to see all of the insisting kinds of dice there are out there! It's also cool to see you working out how you can incorporate them into your game! Keep up the great work!
    ~ Wolfbrother Methos

  2. I have dice that I collected since the late 1970s that I bought as a young lad at the old hobby shop in my neighborhood during the start of the D&D craze , good to have plenty 😀 . I've been wanting to create 'story dice' as you mentioned , but I was thwarted because my wife said 'really you want more dice- pretty soon we'll be swimming in dice' – she's right. my dice boxes are listed as "DADS DICE – get your own" – keeps the kids away from them ,ha ha ! I've beaucoup of them ..but back to the story dice a table could be made to follow with all of those odd faced dice.

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