Topical Tuesday episode 8 – Roleplaying Games Solo?

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Yes, solo or not is the topic of conversation this week. Please like, share, subscribe and all that 😎


5 thoughts on “Topical Tuesday episode 8 – Roleplaying Games Solo?

  1. Have you watched the cool solo rpg channel "Artichoke Dip"? He has some cracking ideas on there. When you think about it, the old "Choose Your Own Adventure" books aren't too far removed from the concept of a solo rpg. I haven't tried it myself as yet, but have certainly thought about it. The "Four Against Darkness" series of scenarios are another great option for solo rpg.

  2. Solo rpg has definitely become the 'in' thing especially since lock-down. It's becoming a 'hobby within a hobby' and there is more and more material being made available for it. The plethora of YT solo rpg'ers is helping to promote it with companies producing genuine solo material more readily. Definitely its own niche hobby and likely to become more acceptable within the rpg community as it goes from strength to strength. Love your channel BTW.

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