Tools for the Solo RPG Gamer

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The tools which I consider to be must haves in order to role-play and have a decent experience.


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6 thoughts on “Tools for the Solo RPG Gamer

  1. Apart from the fate chart what else does mythic have? Ive got scarlet heros,
    Also loke battlemaps are great for having a visual representation of the scene too, especially if you use minis,
    Also do you watch Artichoke Dip on YouTube or geekgamer both great solo rpg channels,

  2. A good video, and some useful tips. Thanks.

    When I solo game I don’t speak allow so much as type a “stream of consciousness” including my questions with the odds and all the dice results. That works for me but I am a quick typist.

  3. Thanks for the vid 🙂 awesome to see another solo gamer out there. Love the Chronicles of Darkness as well. Doing some Beast:The Primordial games at the moment and yes, I find that saying it out loud. Helps keep my focus. Love the passing in y vid. Keep up the good work.

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