Thousand Year Old Vampire Review – 9/10 Undead Would Recommend

Content warning: Some gruesome scenes in this one.
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23 thoughts on “Thousand Year Old Vampire Review – 9/10 Undead Would Recommend

  1. Fantastic review, Tom. You fit in so nicely with the boys I must say…with a style all your own. Lovely. I haven't yet dived into the world of RPGs. This one perhaps is not one to tackle on my first go. I did back ' Our Innermost Thoughts: a mostly-solo zine of small RPGs' on Kickstarter which should be arriving soon. I believe you mentioned that one on a recent podcast. 🙂

  2. Hey, I own this game and I love to playing, but I have a question about the rules and I don't know where else to get the answer to it.

    My question is, Do you always play the first prompt or do you start at the first prompt and roll the dice to see your actual first prompt? or is this up to me to decide?

  3. Purchased the book and pdf, had an amazing time making my first two vampires, writing their stories with fun and intriguing developments. Trying to play a few more stories before i break into the alternate prompts, something i love as already ive noticed there is the occassion to hit the same prompts in different playthroughs.

    The PDF is a grand time but honestly the book is the best rpg purchase ive made in a long time.

    A gorgeous book packed with interesting art and literature, amazing resourses for group play and mental health check ins, i think its a magnificent piece for any narrative driven roleplay enthusiast.

    This book has made me think of Vampires in a whole new way and i cant stop exploring how each vampire approaches their existance.

  4. I am only 3 minutes into this clip and already on the website and buying it directly from Tim Hutchings.
    There is something so romantic about true loneliness that this stirs in me

  5. I finally played this and got one of the best endings, first, the cult I've founded with my vampire daughter that hates me found me, they brought the original key of the Sultan's garden that was trusted to me when I was alive. I gifted them a skeleton key in return. Then my daughter found me, but I didn't remember her… face. I knew her only by her name and our time from the cult. I thought she was going to strike me down but instead… she found me to make peace… and we were friends till the end of the time. My whole adventure just deepens this two particular, special scenes. Now, I'm going to cry *happily*.

  6. Question for anyone reading: I just got the book and am getting started, but I have one big thing in my way. I do not understand the difference between the quick and journal modes of the game. They seem the same to me. I answer prompts and enter them into my memories/experiences. I don’t quite get what the difference is from the book’s explanation. Can anyone clear this up?

  7. Solo RPGs are great but you shouldn't support Tim Hutchings. I went to his website and telling people they arent welcome to enjoying your product because of a political viewpoint is very immature and honestly bigoted. I am a centralist leaning towards the right on things like gun control etc. I am by no means on the far right or far left but the fact that Hutchings has gone out of his way to say that Republicans cant enjoy art and beauty is very wrong and he is a pos. Why does he only target the far right? What about the far left? Any version of extremism is wrong and as a game developer you shouldn't let your political beliefs influence your game or exclude others for their own beliefs.

  8. Too bad the author is a self-righteous git. He said no one who votes republican is allowed to buy his game and equates all of them to nazis. His words not mine.

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