Thought Police Launches Sale for Developer in Crisis

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Thought Police Launches Sale for Developer in Crisis

BUFFALO, AUGUST 9, 2020 — Thought Police Interactive, a tabletop games publisher, has launched a crowdfunding style sale to support their lead developer, Rev. Casey. The proceeds go directly to the developer for temporary housing and medical costs.

Reverend Casey is a universalist priest. They live with their life-partner and a beloved feline companion. Their partner was emergency hospitalized without warning. Soon following, circumstances made their home unsafe and untenable. This one-two punch has caused extreme stress, emotional and financial. Rev. Casey has secured temporary housing, but the costs of the difficult circumstances are high and mounting.

This “crisis sale” is offered for a limited time only and quantities are limited. Thought Police only intends to run the sale until the near-future emergency needs of Revered Casey and their partner are met. The upper levels of support are especially limited, with only a relative few available for sale.  There are five levels of support, ranging from a “supporter level” that provides immediately upcoming releases to a “True Hero level” that provides lifetime access to all PDF and ashcan print products released by Thought Police Games.

  • Tabletop games publisher launches crisis sale for developer in need
  • The developer’s partner was hospitalized at the same time as facing a housing crisis
  • The sale is time and quantity limited
  • Five levels of support are available, providing subscription access to products

Thought Police is bringing on additional development contractors to guarantee product fulfillment and create an accelerated product release schedule. The contractors generously volunteered to accept deferred payment as a gesture of support. They want all available funds to be used to assist Rev. Casey through this difficult time.

Thought Police Interactive hopes they can help their lead developer through a time of need. Those wishing to support the developer may purchase a support level to provide them with needed funds or spread the word.

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About Thought Police Interactive Studios

Thought Police Interactive Studios (Though Police), also known as Thought Police Games, is a Western New York based publisher of tabletop roleplaying games, storytelling games, and related products. They are the publisher of the DriveThruRPG bestsellers, NEVER Stop Smiling and the Motif Story Engine.

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