The Quiet Year – A Perfect Game for Isolation

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26 thoughts on “The Quiet Year – A Perfect Game for Isolation

  1. Your doodles make this game look 100x more fun than it did the first time it was featured, so thanks for giving it some attention again. Definately going to give it a go this time!

  2. I know I'm a few months late to this review, but I wanted to thank SU&SD — and especially Tom — for this great review. I bought this game on this review's recommendation and my friends and I have loved it. It's a great social distancing game and the game's structured approach to "be as creative as a you want!" really has reminded me of what I love about tabletop games and even what I love about tabletop role playing games. So thank you for telling me about this. It's made the past few months a little better.

    One anecdote I'll add. My friends and I really got hooked on one session we played and now we're making a mini-campaign of it, with each session acting almost like a season of television or an entry in a book series. In this case, all the unanswered plot threads that were left hanging at the end of one session are now what we look forward to seeing resolved the next time we play. The Quiet Year's focus on societies, as opposed to parties, really allows for the metaphorical camera to be pulled back. I wouldn't be surprised if, in a couple of sessions, in-game generations have passed and our initial cast of heroes and villains is wholly replaced and still dealing with the fallout from decisions made years earlier (our story is about a pack of street dogs, so "generations" don't last as long, haha). It's fun to watch, more fun to be a part of, and I can't think of a lot of games or media that even allow for it.

  3. Finally ordered the game today! My 4 year old really loves drawing and narrating, and while some of the concepts might be a but much at the moment, with some modifications I think he'll be completely into this in the near future.

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