The Dwarves of Fangorn episode 5 Solo RPG

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Episode 5 and we discover the identity of the stranger…

Music: Incompetech


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6 thoughts on “The Dwarves of Fangorn episode 5 Solo RPG

  1. I enjoyed this episode very much. The best yet. I like the use of Mythic throughout it, and the widening of the story to involve deeper, darker foreshadowing of potential "things to come" What HAS happened to the dwarves I wonder, hmmm curiouser and curiouser. I can`t help but feel leaving the dwarves to their fate and continuing on without them could be a biiiiiiig mistake. Similar thing happened in a Warhammer 3e rpg campaign I DMed some years ago.. A few of the party`s NPC friends went missing and the party carried on without them… had they looked around just a bit further, they would have discovered them captured and hogtied a mere couple of miles away. As it was the party left them to their fate and the entire NPC party were never rescued and ended up rather… dead lol.

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