6 thoughts on “The Drifter Solo RPG

  1. Sounds cool. I don't have a dedicated gaming group either although my wife loves boardgames and would be open to rpgs, we're just currently in toddler zone so we'll be able to do more later.

    In the meantime a solo game like this looks fun.

  2. Glad to see you still covering games. This one looks interesting. Let us know how it plays out. How did you hear about Nate's new game, Rocky Mountain Man? I somehow missed that one. I just bought Sea Evil a couple days ago, after watching Calandale complain about it for an hour. It looks really unique, and easy to house rule for solitaire.

  3. Nice sweater. Thanks for laying out the game and walking us through. I was concerned about the color considerations. Great idea to print larger the map. Definitely going to attemp this supersizing. Jeremiah and Blueberry are excellent touches. Great idea! (I'd include Bouncer!) Definitely revisiting this video once I print out the files. ComancherĂ­a, wow. Always wanted to try it, but heard it was difficult to grasp! Appreciate the video.

  4. Oh this one looks really nice! Perfect for some spaghetti western adventures. If you are looking for more solo roleplaying games, I recommend you check out my solo playlists, I recommend a few games there (I'll put the link in a separate post, in case it gets caught in the spam tray), I specially recommend Scarlet Heroes if you like fantasy with an exotic touch.

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