Temple of the Krokodilith – Dungeon Crawl Classics Solo Roleplaying

A solo Dungeon Crawl Classics adventure using magic.


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16 thoughts on “Temple of the Krokodilith – Dungeon Crawl Classics Solo Roleplaying

  1. Herringbone Tweed! Back in the game!! DCC is something I have but never really looked at to play yet. Lovely artwork too. Might just have a go for the magic system though.

  2. DCC seems so interesting and the spells are FUN. About to pull the trigger on getting the core book and a zero level adventure funnel module and the funky dice to try a solo game like this. Since the time you’ve posted this video have you found yourself enjoying DCC and particularly solo playing the many published modules? Two things I wonder about: the funnel system I’m reading about sounds like players usually control 2-4 weak level 0 heroes each to mitigate for how brutal early funnel modules are and I wonder if playing like this will be too many to keep track of solo? Also did you enjoy this rule set for tactical grid and mini play as much as others? I enjoy mixing in skirmish tactical fights for visual appeal (especially now that I own the same battle mat book!). My hope is that it’ll be enjoyable enough to work my way through several of the highly reviewed ones solo.

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