Suspense and fear in solo roleplaying games

Here’s the video where I talk about horror immersion in solo RPGs:
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3 thoughts on “Suspense and fear in solo roleplaying games

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  2. I think your right as far as being able to scare yourself goes. I know what bothers me the most and my mind tends to drift that way all the time. I haven’t played solo but I can see your point about the suspense aspect of the game. I’m thinking of trying it out, as usual I just have to find time. Thanks for the vid.

  3. It might be a bit cold and wet to play outside at night here in Scotland 😂 but thanks again. As always, excellent information. I discovered, taking your advice, that playing in the dark and by the light of a candle and having a large mirror on the wall in front of me can be quite scary. You keep thinking there is something behind you just with the flickering of the candle. Spooky music, and if I can find a track of random whispers I think I'm all set. Thank you.

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