Solo RPGs: On Random Tables

Hello! Random tables are a crucial part of our toolset and I think it was time for them to have a dedicated video. We will learn what they are, their types and how to use them in our solo games.

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Here are the books and resources I mention:

– The Mythic GME:
– Mythic GME Variations 2:
– Ironsworn Delve:
– Conjecture Games:
– Tome of Adventure Design:
– Ultimate Toolbox:
– The Perilous Wilds:
– Sine Nomine games:
– Rory Story Cubes:
Game Master’s Apprentice Deck:

And here are the digital solutions:



Inspiration Pad Pro:




13 thoughts on “Solo RPGs: On Random Tables

  1. Wonderful advice! Thanks for taking the time to list all these resources. Please include some links to the digital solutions you talk about toward the end of the video if possible. I’m interested in those quite a lot. Thanks again!

  2. Great advice. My quickest solution for physical tables, was printing various resources into a stapled brochure style booklet. It saved me three books less in the stack (GME, UNE and Scarlet Heroes) everytime I play. (Por otro lado, me parece muy valiente de tu parte hacer tus videos en inglés en vez de español. Saludos desde Chile).

  3. An excellent video, thank you. I’m old school, myself. I like to physically roll dice and look things up on the tables in PDFs, which I access through GoodReader on the iPad. I’ll have a look at what you’re suggesting though.

  4. In line with your digital solutions, I've been working on a Google Doc add-on called Random Tables. It's not available in the Marketplace yet, but it is open source and you could get it working by coping the code and html or just making a copy of the Google Doc in the examples folder mentioned in the readme. Github link:

  5. Amazing video loved all the resources that you discussed. Also, I love the binder that you showed, what is that and where can I buy it? Also, what's in it, and how do you print it so it fits in that binder? Thanks very much for posting!

  6. This is a very informative video. A lot to digest & tons of methods & products that fall under the topic. I too, find myself in analysis paralysis or just bogged down in the variations & differences of things. I'm fairly new to TTRPG & soloing so I like to keep things light. I find that lite rpg rules allow me to learn the soloing/GM side too as I go & switch up a tool if I don't like using something. I also like to try different games & small rule sets help with that too. I'm still dungeon crawling & learning slowly. It'll probably be awhile before I can handle solo playing a whole game world but it sounds really cool! 🙂 I find selecting the tools & the rule set & forgetting about everything else helps & if a tool isn't working or you just don't like it, change it out.

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