Solo RPGs: Including Foreshadowing and Themes in our games

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Making narrations feel cohesive and coherent, enforcing themes and foreshadowing in solo games has been notoriously hard for me, as it requires me to remember all of those potential things in my head!

In this video I present a simple modification of the Mythic Game Master Emulator to include, seamlessly, enforced themes and foreshadowing while still being surprised.


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7 thoughts on “Solo RPGs: Including Foreshadowing and Themes in our games

  1. Nice – this is a really great idea and addition to the Mythic GM Emulator! Thinking about this some more and building on the idea, if you want to use a third Chekhov's Gun list but still keep the Remote Event and Ambiguous Event results on the Event Focus table, whenever the d100 result comes up double numbers (like 11, 22, 33…99 etc.), then consult the Chekhov's gun list. Again, excellent idea – thank you!

  2. I remember mythic taking about listing non characters on the character lists. Your idea of giving them a separate list certainly helps them not get lost in the shuffle. I'm going to look at the custom theme focus table from variations 1 to add these ideas to my games. A custom detail table is an interesting idea now too.

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