Solo rpg talk and some Q&A

Brief discussion in solo rpg

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13 thoughts on “Solo rpg talk and some Q&A

  1. Awasome vídeo and i have in general the same thoughts presentes on the vídeo.
    I like theater of mind play and story driven games but im actualy trying to use minis in Ironsworn, doing some "loose táctical fights" using paper minis and trying to design a way to get random locations spwans.
    Btw i like the Facebook group, people can share his stuff there, that cant be done on yt.
    Hope to see more videos coming 😋🤞
    Have a good weekend

  2. Always good advice Don. By the way, like this format for video. Like a mate sending you a message , do more! Stay safe man. 👍 Love what you and Stoneaxe do. Nothing long winded, nothing overly complicated and like I said, great advice.

  3. I have the gist of how Mythic works but what about when you enter a dungeon? Are you using Mythic when dungeon crawling or are you just using your random tables?

  4. Good idea about a theme to help guide mini planning; where I am coming to solo RPG gaming from wargaming I like using minis but that aspect makes it a bit harder. This will definitely help me plan a bit more.

  5. Great video Don. I've taken a step back from public soloing by removing my blog. It was taking too much time to write and it wasn't fun anymore. I still solo play in private, away from FB, which is also another time sink I need to get under control. Keep up the good work.

  6. Solo RPG relies mostly on the player and a good set of random tables that he finds useful. I have take bits of tables from all sorts of games. I.E. I just used some Savage Worlds GM guide book tables to generate encounters and motives for a Star Wars D6 (specifically Mini-Six free rules) to make my own adventure.

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