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1 thought on “Solo RPG Gaming

  1. If I may, I'd like to introduce you to Four Against the Darkness (4AD for short). It has all the elements you seem to like, namely that old-school dungeon delving feel that mainly uses d6 for the early levels and eventually works up to d8. Future content will incorporate d10 and d12. The books can be purchased as either softcover or hardcover (depending on the content) from and Amazon, or as pdfs from ganesha games. The game starts out very simply. Throw together four characters, and see what happens when you have them enter their first dungeon. Dungeons are randomly generated by the roll of the dice, and then the contents of the rooms are likewise randomly generated. The combat is always from the player's perspective, the die rolls are for determining if the player hits the monsters or avoids the enemy's attacks. If monsters are defeated, treasure is also rolled for randomly. This continues on until the player discovers the final boss, or the party is wiped out. On successful completion of the dungeon, the player will have the opportunity to try to level up the party. The game is intended to be played solo, but can also be played cooperatively or as a lighter version of d&d. There are now many additional books available that allow you to play with outdoor dungeons, and if you lose your party there is even a book that gives them a fighting chance of returning to the land of the living. Its a great system and is constantly having new content added. There are also offshoots of the core system that do things slightly differently. Four Againt the Titans, Greek mythology content. Four Against Ragnarok, norse-themed game play. Four Against Mars, campy 60s scifi feel. And recently, Alone Against Fear, a slasher horror movie variant that involves a single character. Bottom line, there is a lot of meat on the bones of the system, and you owe it to yourself to at least have a look at it. There's also a Facebook page where talented people show off their artistic skills with the maps they have drawn for the game. Check it out!

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