Intro/4 needed resources explained (0:00); trinkets (10:22); developing themes (26:44); adventuring (30:32); traps (52:01); final thoughts (1:09:25)
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Easy Ways To Be Your Own GM:
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12 thoughts on “Solo RPG DIY

  1. Excellent content as always! Since it is October. I’m curious if you have any spooky RPGs you like to solo? I know you covered a Dracula RPG in your blended rules episode. Which was very fun to watch. Wish I could track a copy down. Always, thanks again!

  2. Just found your channel about a week ago and have been binging your videos. These are really eye opening for someone that needs more RPG in their life than can be reasonably had with other people with other their other lives. As a GM, these techniques are quite helpful too for coming up with new ideas and for just helping me get used to new systems. I see now how to get unstuck when I don't feel there has been enough "collapse" of the possibility space. Thank you for sharing your world with us.
    BTW, what are those cool terrain tiles in this video?

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