Solo roleplaying games social interactions and adventure attitude tracker

There are several choppy or stuttering image moments, as I page through some PDFs in the video, but the audio works fine.
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3 thoughts on “Solo roleplaying games social interactions and adventure attitude tracker

  1. Yes, very good!
    Placing more broad "layers" such as emotions or relationships above portents and word combinations and so on adds another means of "steering" the behavior along logical lines. Another tool to help interpret oracles and portents so they fit logically into what is going on overall.
    "Avoid precious treasure" interpreted through the lens of a currently hostile or negative attitude toward the whole dungeoneering expedition is pretty self explanatory. The precious item is avoided. Let's not tamper any further with the perils of this place. Such an obviously "precious" item must be a lure! Let's move on and be quick about our mission (a rescue or whatever).
    "Avoid precious treasure" through a positive attitude might be interpreted positively by splitting the word combination up. It is a great boon to find such a "precious treasure" that will help a man fight better and "avoid" danger. Perhaps it is magical?

    All these sorts of things are helpful to collect as "window dressing" (as mentioned in Libre it think it was) which can act as scaffolding for oracle and word combination interpretation as you go along. Most soloers does it automatically I guess to some extent but it is good to put it at the forefront of your mind as a mechanic as you run through the gaming loop. Gives structure to your thinking.

  2. Wait, you guys dont do this?
    I added a page for character relations, on the character sheet for this purpose.
    Also the starting relations with the other player's characters are also randomized, they might start at odds or not. And along the game t might change based on what happens.
    Also added stored items and properties lists.

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