Solo Roleplaying Game Session Report: From the Ashes 4 (Core Book Campaign SPOILERS)

From the Ashes Playlist:
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1 thought on “Solo Roleplaying Game Session Report: From the Ashes 4 (Core Book Campaign SPOILERS)

  1. As I am listening to you use "portent" words during this adventure I came to think of some work that anons over at 4chan /TG/ are doing just now. One guy is putting together a little app that takes .txt files and divides up the text randomly into little sentence snippets that you can mix and match as more elaborate portents. What we do is use another app called Calibre, which is free, that rips raw text data from various e-book formats including pdf's, which then can be input into the little app. That way you can take text from various works, from various genres, and cut them up entirely for use as portent / inspiration / brainstorming snippets.
    Here is the thread where the tool (SoloCutUpTool) is posted. Calibre can be googled.
    The whole idea to do this came from the Tilt oracle system which mentions "the cut up method" (physically scissoring up printed pages). This method sparked the inspiration of this guy who does a lot of solo-fying of rpg systems, professionally. Listen to him for a quick rundown.
    I think it is a very interesting method because the sentence snippets carry a lot more of the "tone" of a certain genre (horror, fantasy, romance, sci fi and so on) than using single words.

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