About Thought Police Interactive

Who are the Thought Police? Thought Police Interactive (TPI) Studios (“Thought Police”) is a storytelling game and fiction publisher based in Buffalo, New York. TPI Studios specializes in storytelling focused games utilizing “light” d6, resource management, and blind bidding rules systems. The Motif Game Framework is our flagship release, a collection of GM-less, solo, and quickly RPG toolkits. The fiction publishing … Read moreAbout Thought Police Interactive

Gobble. Gobble! GOBBLE! New Version Released

New Revision of Gobble. Gobble! GOBBLE! A new revision of Gobble. Gobble! GOBBLE! has been released on DriveThruRPG. The latest update includes: Various minor text revisions and clarifications “Wiles” renamed to “Gobbles” The introduction of plug-n-play “flavor dice” to the story engine and action engine, expanding play options. Revisions to stock example “Others”. New move … Read moreGobble. Gobble! GOBBLE! New Version Released

Release: Gobble. Gobble! GOBBLE! (Uplifted Turkey Rebellion Madness)

gobblegobble gobble uplifted turkey apocalypse book cover

Available now at DriveThruRPG! Gobble. Gobble! GOBBLE!!! (GGG) is a casual game about uplifted awakened turkeys. Some contagious phenomena is awakening turkeys to intelligent self-awareness. Come to terms with your sentience, compelled to spread the uplift and awaken others. Choose a mission of freedom or vengeance! You feel compelled to spread the awakening and uplift your brethren, … Read moreRelease: Gobble. Gobble! GOBBLE! (Uplifted Turkey Rebellion Madness)