About Thought Police Interactive

Who are the Thought Police? Thought Police Interactive (TPI) Studios (“Thought Police”) is a storytelling game and fiction publisher based in Buffalo, New York. TPI Studios specializes in storytelling focused games utilizing “light” d6, resource management, and blind bidding rules systems. The Motif Game Framework is our flagship release, a collection of GM-less, solo, and quickly RPG toolkits. The fiction publishing … Read moreAbout Thought Police Interactive

Moving on to Print Editions

We will be ordering test copies of print editions of the Motif Story Engine, NEVER Stop Smiling, and SC911 in the coming weeks. If you have any feedback or requests, now is the time! Tags: game development, indie games, motif game framework, never stop smiling, print editions, publishing news, SC911, small press rpgs, solo toolkit, … Read moreMoving on to Print Editions