About Thought Police Interactive

Who are the Thought Police? Thought Police Interactive (TPI) Studios (“Thought Police”) is a storytelling game and fiction publisher based in Buffalo, New York. TPI Studios specializes in storytelling focused games utilizing “light” d6, resource management, and blind bidding rules systems. The Motif Game Framework is our flagship release, a collection of GM-less, solo, and quickly RPG toolkits. The fiction publishing … Read moreAbout Thought Police Interactive

Call for Community Content Contributors (The Secret Stacks)

Become a Librarian in the Secret Stacks Thought Police is preparing to launch a DriveThruRPG community content program (“The Secret Stacks”), allowing fans and independent designers to create material for all of our released products. We need some seed material from the gaming community for starter titles. That is where you come in! RPG and … Read moreCall for Community Content Contributors (The Secret Stacks)

What is a Solo Toolkit? Story Engines Let You Play RPGs Alone

Have you asked, “Can I a play tabletop RPG alone?” The answer is an emphatic YES! Solo roleplaying games and solo play tools were already rising in popularity in recent years. With the advent of COVID, along with other factors, interest in playing RPGs alone has skyrocketed. But it is still new to a lot of … Read moreWhat is a Solo Toolkit? Story Engines Let You Play RPGs Alone

Extended Autumn Crowdfunding Sale (TTRPGs and Solo Roleplaying Games)

Due to overwhelming response and requests to purchase our bundles, we are launching an extended autumn crowdfunding sale celebrating the changing seasons. Now in the spirit of our crisis sale, we are offering similar “crowdfunding-style” bundles. 66% of all proceeds go directly to our lead designer to help them transition from crisis, handle ongoing costs, … Read moreExtended Autumn Crowdfunding Sale (TTRPGs and Solo Roleplaying Games)

Release Roadmap

Special thanks to Jim Liao for wrangling together our schedule and accelerated production team! Previously Released Motif Action Engine (the RPG/action system for the Motif framework) Motif Character Engine (Character and Player Emulation) Motif Story Engine (Solo and GM-Lite Roleplaying Toolkit)   Animatica (Mixed-Media Animated Multiverse) Gobble. Gobble! GOBBLE! (Uplifted Turkey Rebellion Madness) NEVER Stop … Read moreRelease Roadmap

Support Our Lead Developer in Crisis!

Edit: Added direct aid link per request. If you prefer to provide direct assistance, you may do so via this link. For the roadmap of titles promised in the tiers, visit this link to learn more. Help our head developer in crisis! Hello! Our lead designer (Rev. Casey, /u/Utharian) is currently facing a crisis. Their partner was … Read moreSupport Our Lead Developer in Crisis!

Hot Take: Mathematical “elegance” is overrated (RPG Design)

I realize I am tossing a hot iron in the room here (because some folks love the very thing I’m about to dog on), but: Thesis: Mathematical “elegance” and transparent percentage probabilities are fun intellectual exercises but bad RPG design. Arguments: People are terrible at percentage probabilities and statistics, on par. Even for people who are good … Read moreHot Take: Mathematical “elegance” is overrated (RPG Design)

What is Solo Roleplaying? (MSE Excerpt)

[based on an excerpt from the Motif Story Engine; additional text for this article] “Solo play” (or “solo roleplaying] is just what it sounds like. It allows people to play their favorite RPG or storygame alone without the need for someone else to play the moderator. People are increasingly looking for solo, one person RPGs. “Do … Read moreWhat is Solo Roleplaying? (MSE Excerpt)


Fundraiser Our lead developer, Rev. Casey, just cannot get a break this year! On top of earlier disruptions, their partner May has been hospitalized again this week. They have been in temporary housing since August and May has been hospitalized multiple times this year. We are holding a fundraiser to help them move into health stable … Read moreWelcome