Programo un juego de ROL en solitario, aventura alien.

Programo un juego de ROL en solitario, aventura alien.

Me hago un programa para jugar partiditas de ROL en solitario, temática ALIEN y me lo paso pipa, la primera partida duro 1 hora. Gente si queréis participar con ideas y temáticas, yo encantado de programar juegos de ROL, decirme que queréis y el que quiera puede ser beta tester. App Download: Enlace con publicidad: … Read moreProgramo un juego de ROL en solitario, aventura alien.

New Release: Motif Character Engine

Available exclusively at DriveThruRPG Motif Character Engine is a supplementary product to the Motif Story Engine It provides a dice system and guidance for emulating characters and players Enhance your solo and GM-less experiences!  Add characters to your main group with ease. Emulate players to round out parties and play groups. More easily play RPGs … Read moreNew Release: Motif Character Engine

Release Roadmap

Special thanks to Jim Liao for wrangling together our schedule and accelerated production team! Previously Released Motif Action Engine (the RPG/action system for the Motif framework) Motif Character Engine (Character and Player Emulation) Motif Story Engine (Solo and GM-Lite Roleplaying Toolkit)   Animatica (Mixed-Media Animated Multiverse) Gobble. Gobble! GOBBLE! (Uplifted Turkey Rebellion Madness) NEVER Stop … Read moreRelease Roadmap

Motif Story Engine evolves with major updates!

Motif Story Engine Solo Play cover

The Motif Story Engine, a solo play oracle toolkit, has progressed from our alpha playtest to a beta stage full release! It’s chock full of new modules and patches, including: Options for different third die effects & results (“flavor die”) A mission clock system, representing the limited time and high pressure of sensitive quests A … Read moreMotif Story Engine evolves with major updates!