New Release: Motif Character Engine

Available exclusively at DriveThruRPG Motif Character Engine is a supplementary product to the Motif Story Engine It provides a dice system and guidance for emulating characters and players Enhance your solo and GM-less experiences!  Add characters to your main group with ease. Emulate players to round out parties and play groups. More easily play RPGs … Read moreNew Release: Motif Character Engine

Moving on to Print Editions

We will be ordering test copies of print editions of the Motif Story Engine, NEVER Stop Smiling, and SC911 in the coming weeks. If you have any feedback or requests, now is the time! Tags: game development, indie games, motif game framework, never stop smiling, print editions, publishing news, SC911, small press rpgs, solo toolkit, … Read moreMoving on to Print Editions

Thought Police Solo Roleplaying Game PWYW Sale!

Thought Police is holding a one-day solo roleplaying game sale. Three titles are set to pay-what-you-want: The Motif Story Engine, an “oracle” style GM-emulator/solo roleplaying toolkit. A “next gen” game-agnostic solo roleplaying engine. It includes several patches for solo play, including twists & turns and mysteries. An Electrum Best Seller on DriveThruRPG. NEVER Stop Smiling, weird fiction … Read moreThought Police Solo Roleplaying Game PWYW Sale!

Release: Gobble. Gobble! GOBBLE! (Uplifted Turkey Rebellion Madness)

gobblegobble gobble uplifted turkey apocalypse book cover

Available now at DriveThruRPG! Gobble. Gobble! GOBBLE!!! (GGG) is a casual game about uplifted awakened turkeys. Some contagious phenomena is awakening turkeys to intelligent self-awareness. Come to terms with your sentience, compelled to spread the uplift and awaken others. Choose a mission of freedom or vengeance! You feel compelled to spread the awakening and uplift your brethren, … Read moreRelease: Gobble. Gobble! GOBBLE! (Uplifted Turkey Rebellion Madness)


Welcome to Thought Police HQ Crisis Sale Updates Our lead developer, Rev. Casey, is experienced a two-punch crisis of a partner being hospitalized and a sudden housing crisis. We held a crowdfunding style sale to help out. Thank you for your support! We heard from a lot of you who missed out hoping for other … Read moreWelcome