Recent Release: Special Crimes 911 (emergency calls in a world of monsters)

SC911: Special Crimes 911 Available Exclusively at DriveThruRPG. SC911: Special Crimes 911 focuses on emergency call agents Monsters are real and SC911 takes emergency calls involving them. Players take on the roll of special call teams managing calls and directing emergency responses. A high pressure game of split-second decisions and relentless time Time passed in … Read moreRecent Release: Special Crimes 911 (emergency calls in a world of monsters)

Release Roadmap

Special thanks to Jim Liao for wrangling together our schedule and accelerated production team! Previously Released Motif Action Engine (the RPG/action system for the Motif framework) Motif Character Engine (Character and Player Emulation) Motif Story Engine (Solo and GM-Lite Roleplaying Toolkit)   Animatica (Mixed-Media Animated Multiverse) Gobble. Gobble! GOBBLE! (Uplifted Turkey Rebellion Madness) NEVER Stop … Read moreRelease Roadmap

Welcome to Thought Police HQ

TPI Studios Thought Police Interactive Studios produces a variety of RPGs and storytelling games, as well as solo roleplaying and no prep GM tools. The Motif Framework of game-agnostic “engines” are our most popular titles. Our most popular games use the Motif Framework for task resolution, as well as GM-emulator and no prep “oracles” for … Read moreWelcome to Thought Police HQ