About Thought Police Interactive

Who are the Thought Police? Thought Police Interactive (TPI) Studios (“Thought Police”) is a storytelling game and fiction publisher based in Buffalo, New York. TPI Studios specializes in storytelling focused games utilizing “light” d6, resource management, and blind bidding rules systems. The Motif Game Framework is our flagship release, a collection of GM-less, solo, and quickly RPG toolkits. The fiction publishing … Read moreAbout Thought Police Interactive

Recent Release – Egregores: The Creepypasta Storytelling Game

Egregores: The Creepypasta Storytelling Game is available now, exclusively at DriveThruRPG. Egregores: The Creepypasta Storytelling Game is a one-page storytelling and chat party game. Share your fragmented memories of shadowy figures, creepy places, and unnatural shows. The forgotten, slumbering gods in the Void Beyond begin to stir and change the world. The past becomes strange and mutable. … Read moreRecent Release – Egregores: The Creepypasta Storytelling Game


Fundraiser Our lead developer, Rev. Casey, just cannot get a break this year! On top of earlier disruptions, their partner May has been hospitalized again this week. They have been in temporary housing since August and May has been hospitalized multiple times this year. We are holding a fundraiser to help them move into health stable … Read moreWelcome