Relic of the Walking Dead – Fantasy AGE solo roleplaying

On their way to the town of Beaverbrook, our Gnome heroes, Kai Marjoram, Polly Frostbite and Ferme la Fenêtre, come across something amiss in the cemetery. A bit of Halloween nonsense with Fantasy AGE.


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4 thoughts on “Relic of the Walking Dead – Fantasy AGE solo roleplaying

  1. Excellent as always Paul. I really like the look of Fantasy Age, although it might have been your fine storytelling skills. Playing more board & wargaming than RPG lately but this may just be what I need to rekindle the RPG itch! Thanks 👍

  2. The Story Cubes continue to really show their value to the solo rpg player. Not only do they provide story prompts, they push your creative energies to spontaneously develop a story arc that allows the Story Cube rolls to fit together in a meaningful way. Well done!

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