Release Roadmap

Special thanks to Jim Liao for wrangling together our schedule and accelerated production team!

Previously Released


Planned and In-Progress

Pending Releases

  • Arthur’s Legacy Setting Guide (modern Arthurian fantasy w/ story engine)
  • Broken Mirror Universe Release 1: The Hidden World of Cats
  • The Last Remnants Universe Release 1: The Living Sea

Pending Updates

  • Motif Story Engine v6 (new rumor seeds patch)
  • Motif Action Engine v3 (expanded text, design guidance, new magic/hypertech patch)
  • NEVER Stop Smiling (conversion to the Motif framework)

Unscheduled Releases (Date to be determined)

  • Angel Symphony Restoration
  • Bears and Bogeys
  • The Last Civilization
  • Meet Our Maker
  • What Is It To Be Human?
  • Human Kaiju Bots
  • Keys to the Kingdom
  • Kill Barbies for Satan

Thought Police Interactive (Thought Police Games) is a publisher of tabletop roleplaying games, storytelling games, solo roleplaying tools, associated fiction, and related products. Based in Western New York, United States, Thought Police is small independent (or “indie”) publisher. Releases include the best selling “GM emulator” Motif Story Engine and critically lauded weird fiction RPG NEVER Stop Smiling.