Recent Release: Special Crimes 911 (emergency calls in a world of monsters)

SC911: Special Crimes 911 Available Exclusively at DriveThruRPG.

  • SC911: Special Crimes 911 focuses on emergency call agents
    • Monsters are real and SC911 takes emergency calls involving them.
    • Players take on the roll of special call teams managing calls and directing emergency responses.
  • A high pressure game of split-second decisions and relentless time
    • Time passed in real life is the time passed when on active calls.
    • Despite the numerous resources at your disposal, you have no ability to directly help.
    • Calls can inflict serious trauma on the call agents.
    • Trauma is not only internally real, but manifests itself in the world. As agents take on traumas, their body also shows weeping wounds and spirits will be drawn to haunt them.


  • Uses a simple, familiar 2d6 system for quick resolution.
  • A flexible core structure allowing for modular add-ons (downtime add-on included, traditional RPG play and solo play add-ons coming soon).
  • Uses four primary skills heavily focused on the player role and play flow as the main statistics.

This is an initial release including:

  • Setting guidelines
  • Play guidance
  • Additional downtime options
  • Guidance for favors and debts
  • A trauma system
  • Guidance for building call scenarios
  • 4 example call scenarios
  • 6 example characters

The next update will be include

  • Traditional RPG and solo play rules
  • Revision and expansion of the play example
  • Additional features that will be incorporated from playtesting to be determined by public feedback

Purchasers of this version will receive
all future PDF updates to this title
at no additional cost. 

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