Recent Release – Egregores: The Creepypasta Storytelling Game

Egregores: The Creepypasta Storytelling Game is available now, exclusively at DriveThruRPG.

Egregores: The Creepypasta Storytelling Game is a one-page storytelling and chat party game. Share your fragmented memories of shadowy figures, creepy places, and unnatural shows.

The forgotten, slumbering gods in the Void Beyond begin to stir and change the world. The past becomes strange and mutable. Memories define the reality of history, even changing evidence to fit the recollections.

Egregores, the thought-forms and shared beliefs of people, are a gateway. Through “recovered” memories of creepypasta horrors, the gods of the Void Beyond find a way to be born into this world.

Those who remember are Touched and their group of friends are Doomed. This is the story of the horrible ends of those who receive the Touch of creepypasta memories and horrors, as well as the Doom that befalls all within their group. As the story grows and memories form, the past irrevocably changes and the curse of the remembered terror claims them all.

This is an original one-page RPG, in a casual storytelling style.

This edition will include two upcoming one-page expansions. They will be added to the product files upon release.

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