Race for the Portal – Labyrinth Lord Solo Roleplaying

A short Labyrinth Lord solo adventure using Table Fables II.


10 thoughts on “Race for the Portal – Labyrinth Lord Solo Roleplaying

  1. Love seeing how you’re running this game and got my big book of maps in yesterday and already enjoying playing on it thanks to your gameplays! I’m slowly learning to not be overwhelmed by each of the components of a solo rpg I have to run and manage (never played any rpg in groups before pandemic hit and had hoped to learn in person this year – but this will be my year to finally figure it out solo thanks to all the time at home alone and your help!)

  2. I’m finding it easier to enjoy and dive deeper into combat mechanics and tactics once my characters hit some enemies but still struggling with how to best do narrative and make use of all their other skills. I have the rorys story cubes as well thanks to you and I’ll keep watching your other videos to see if I can pick up more tips on that, but curious if you find one easier than the other or one more satisfying?

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