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A fundraiser to help Rev Casey find stability during a difficult time.

Help Our Designer Though A Difficult Holiday Season

by Thought Policie Management

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Thought Policie Management

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Campaign Story

Hello! I am Jim Liao, project lead and general manager of Thought Police Interactive. We are a small indie publisher releasing strange rules-lite RPGs and solo & no prep GM toolkits.

This fundraiser to help our main designer, Rev. Casey. They had a nightmare year and needs help getting to stability and health. At their insistence, we are including donor gifts and options at different levels. (Donor gifts can be gifted to another person.) We are relaunching the fundraiser after having to pause it to due troll brigading and mass chargebacks. The trolling campaign resulted in overdrafts and sudden budget shortfalls. Our goal is less than making up the original distance. We just want to right the ship for them after the debacle.

General Background

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  • Rev Casey is a partially disabled vet with TBIs and PTSD.
  • Rev Casey has been experiencing seizures and other neuro episodes.
  • Their partner L is fully disabled with multiple conditions was hospitalized in recent months.
  • L was hospitalized in August and Rev Casey had to relocate them to temporary housing at  the same time.
  • They have been in temporary housing at two locations since then.
  • Caretaking for L has taken a toll on Rev Casey’s health and income.
  • Out of pocket medical costs have substantially increased in recent months.
  • L has recently been moved into (costly)separate temp housing for health recovery.

Current Situation

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  • L was rehospitalized the second week of December and was recently moved into (costly) temp recovery housing.
  • Rev Casey is currently going through diagnostics and treatment.
  • They are looking for long-term stable housing.
  • They are looking for home aide assistance.
  • Rev Casey does not qualify for public assistance.

Current Needs

Click/tap –> Read Needs and Budget Breakdown

Liv and Jim went over Rev Casey’s budgets and situation. We also got some quotes. This list is what we think are his important needs and where the money would most help. We also know people want to know expenses and how money will be spent. This is intended to help them stabilize and get healthy. Entries will be crossed out as we assign the funds and complete individual goals.
  • Making up overdraft and late fees: $600
  • Home aide 1x weekly for 1 month: $400
  • Proper stability cane for Rev Casey: $100
  • Subsidizing L’s current care room & board: $400
  • Out of pocket medical costs: $500

Total Goal: $2000.

Donor Gifts

At Rev Casey’s insistence, we have donor gifts!

Requests and Suggestions

If you have requests or suggestions for donor levels, please hit us up on Twitter! We’re open to all kinds of special orders, as long as they are achievable for us. We are all onboard to help Rev Casey out.

Click/tap –> View Donor and Patron Levels

$11 (39/50 available)

Get your name or company name on a thank you page with backlink, plus a few Twitter shout-outs.

$33 (6/10 available)

Get a PDF copy of all our released titles! PLUS a special thank you bonus of the next 3 releases free.

$111 (2/3 Available)

Get a lifetime subscription to all of our PDF releases! You will get a copy of everything we ever release, as long as we keep releasing new titles.

Special Patron Add-Ons

$151 (NEW BY REQUEST 1/2 Available)

Reverend Casey, our lead designer, will personally run or facilitate 4 hours of chat-based sessions for up to 6 people. These hours can be used for one full four-hour game, two two-hour short sessions, or even four one-hour short one-shot and storygame rounds. Each session will be preceded by character character rules, “session zero” discussion, and similar prep. One half-hour will be allotted each session before start time for setup and questions.

Includes copies of the played game(s) for all players, up to three titles, up to six copies each.

You may reserve up to 4 additional hours (8 total) at a rate of 1 additional hour = $35, 2 additional hours = $60, 4 additional hours = $100. Solo/one-on-one sessions receive bonus hours and may be used for our solo titles, such as We Came in Peace.

Available game options include NEVER Stop Smiling, No Angels Live Here, Dark Santa Holiday Special, Gobble. Gobble! GOBBLE!, Animatica, Once We Were Beautiful, Egregores: The Creepypasta Storytelling Game,

$222 (1/1 Available)

Sponsor the development of a major product update or expansion pack. Choose which title we update. Give us direction for the update. You will have a full page thank you in the book, credit for your ideas, and backlinks from the title’s store page. Plus a bunch of Twitter shout-outs.

$333 (1/1 Available)

Sponsor the development of a new Motif-powered game or Motif engine. Give us your concept. We will discuss what kind of game you would like to see. We will keep you in the loop on drafts for feedback. Full page thank you, credit for concept by and consulting, and backlinks from the title’s store page and a mess of tweets.


Fulfillment will be handled daily, using the email address you provide. You will be contacted for information regarding your gifts or sponsorship.

Content and Sponsor Disclaimer

We reserve the right to refuse or request revisions to all sponsorship and special project requests. We reserve final approval for provided names and backlinks.

Special Thanks

A big special thank you to an anonymous donor!

  • A donor will reimburse all processing fees, ensuring 100% of  your donations go to helping Rev Casey.

We are blessed to be part of such a wonderfully supportive community.

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