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The Motif Way

The Motif Story Engine and the rest of the Motif Framework are our most popular products! It also forms the basis of the “house system” we use in many of our games. This series of articles provides insight into our game design perspective, how Motif is built, and different ways of approaching and running Motif.

In progress.

GM-Less Advice

The idea of a GM, a game moderator or referee who adjudicates the game, seems baked into tabletop roleplaying games. However, even most games designed to be run with a GM (called a “DM” in D&D, a “storyteller” in World of Darkness, and other names) can be run with a shared GM duties or even no GM at all! Learn more about

Planned. Coming soon.

  • What are “GM-Less” RPGs?
  • Go GM-Less: Shared Moderation
  • Go GM-Less: Democratic Table
  • Go GM-Less: GM-Emulators & Solo Oracles

Solo Roleplaying

The concept of single player TTRPGs or solo roleplaying can seem daunting and mysterious to newcomers. How does one person handle everything? Isn’t roleplaying an inherently social activity? Learn more about solo RPGs and how to run your favorite tabletop games to handle solitaire mode.

Assorted Articles

We also write miscellaneous articles about roleplaying and our RPG design philosophy.