One Of The Most Underrated RPGs EVER Is Coming Back

Scott talks AT Kirsten about the immaculate Kingdoms of Amalur making a return later in 2020.

Want to know more about Kingdoms of Amalur? We have a video on “How Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning Nearly Bankrupted An Entire State” –

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26 thoughts on “One Of The Most Underrated RPGs EVER Is Coming Back

  1. Simplest fix would be the camera. It was a beautiful open world, but the default camera was over your shoulder and looking down. Backing up and allowing a more free floating camera would have opened up and highlighted the game’s beauty. If that isn’t fixed, I’ll pass.

  2. I love the game, but I’m a bit confused about this remaster. Kingdoms of Amalur is already backwards compatible, (with the Xbox1 at least) so why would a remaster be nessisary? And you can get a used Xbox 360 copy for like least than $10 eBay. Is there a significant patch to the graphics and gameplay or is this just a quick money grab?

  3. I've been raving about this game for like upward of six years. I was completely crushed as a freshman when I learned that this game's future just kind of fell to the wayside. so glad it's coming back, even if it isn't a sequel

  4. At this point, Kingdoms of Amalur is synonymous w/ Ellen; can’t discuss 1 w/o the other. I loved the game too. Very underrated b/c of everything that happened w/ it…

  5. Hell yeah saw this just the other day! Super special cause I've been watching alot of these videos lately and you bring it up in so many different topics and I had never even heard about it back in the day! Apparently it's coming August! Super stoked to try it out!

  6. I've been playing about 3 weeks and it's incredible! Level 25 MIGHT/finesse… Only about half of world unlocked. I love it. Only thing that is hard to get past is the way npc looks during conversation. I just look down at the subtitles and read instead of watch

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