New Release: Motif Character Engine

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motif character engine player and character emulator

  • Motif Character Engine is a supplementary product to the Motif Story Engine
    • It provides a dice system and guidance for emulating characters and players
  • Enhance your solo and GM-less experiences! 
    • Add characters to your main group with ease.
    • Emulate players to round out parties and play groups.
    • More easily play RPGs alone that rely on full groups or group interaction.
  • Turn your solo play experience into a solo GM experience! 
    • Emulate players and characters to GM your own solo game.
    • Play through pre-generated adventures with a sense of mystery and suspense driven by the uncertainty of the oracle system.
    • Try out new games and modules on the fly.
    • Playtest games in development.

This is an initial tool beta release. 

Patches and play guidance will be expanded over time.
MCE was originally designed as a complement to the Motif Story Engine. 

The Motif Character Engine is a modular character and player emulator:

  • Relies on a series of “templates” and characteristics to help seed behavior.
  • Uses a simple backbone of 3d6 rolls.
  • Mix and match “flavors” to produce a wide variety of behavior and action results.
  • Ask questions about characters just as you would ask a player or story narrator.
  • Simple results and lists that drive your story without getting in the way.
  • Extensible, easily hacked and reskinned for a variety of genres and play styles.

This is a “backer” type edition.
Purchasers of this version will receive
all future PDF updates to this title
at no additional cost. 

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