My Top 10 Solo Games of All Time

This is my top 10 solo games of all time as of August 2020.

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Aeon’s End Playthroughs:
Shadows of Kilforth Playthroughs:
Cloudspire Playthroughs:
HEXplore It Valley of the Dead King Playthroughs:
Mage Knight Playthroughs:
Cloudspire Playthroughs:
HEXplore It Forests of Adrimon Playthroughs:
Spirit Island Playthroughs:
7th Continent Playthroughs:
Too Many Bones Playthroughs:

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21 thoughts on “My Top 10 Solo Games of All Time

  1. Gonna look these up. As another poster mentioned, I love that you show small footage of the game. I could play any solo game, but I personally have a thing for a game that uses very little room on your table so that I can quickly access things on the game. The footage you show gets me a feel for the game’s size.

  2. I actually want to get a solo board game for my 8 year old boardgamer who is homeschooled. Currently his favorite games are Battlelore 2e, 7 Wonders Duel, The Alpha, and Sheriff of Nottingham. Would love a list or even one or 2 quick recommendations for what you think are fun but not too insanely difficult or long board games for him. thanks!

  3. How did Darkest Night 2nd edition completely vanish from reviewer's lists? This genuinely baffles me. That game is so well-crafted, tight, and elegantly designed in its simplicity–it's endlessly re-playable, customizable, etc.–and yet, year after year, its always Mage Knight and an endless list of "samey" card games that are selected for "best solo game" lists. Mage Knight is a fine game … but, man, is it overrated.

  4. Nice list. You can play Suburbia, The Networks, The Pursuit of Happiness, Feast For Odin, Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, Ghost Stories, Unlock! Exotic Adventures, That's Pretty Clever, Detective City of Angels.

  5. I would always try to play a game solo two-handed because it feels more epic and you would miss the part of interaction and support of heroes.
    Heck, after having played pathfinder skull & shackles two-handed I'm now half through the rise of the runelords campaign even THREE-handed. 😉

    Keep in mind, thats the best way of experiencing more characters.

    Life's too short to use only one of your hands. 😉

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