Let's Play Thousand Year Old Vampire LIVE – solo RPG playthrough

Wheels and Johnny prepare for Halloween with a spooky live game of Thousand Year Old Vampire, the solo journaling RPG. No, we don’t know how this will work as a livestream either.

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46 thoughts on “Let's Play Thousand Year Old Vampire LIVE – solo RPG playthrough

  1. Just started this game myself.
    One point of play: you don't necessarily start on prompt one. You roll and then count off as if you were on prompt one. So you don't always start out killing someone.

  2. so question regarding contracts and games and other projects

    how does this work with the Oxventure? isn't this creating table top rpg content for rival company, and don't you tend to refer to it quite a lot on dicebreaker and the oxboxtra crew refer to you? is it some kind of loophole? or something written in to your contract you can discuss this one other thing?

  3. This was such a joy to watch VOD. Because I don't have much to add, this is a personal message to Dennis Günther that explains the why of Irish names with an emphasis on the name 'Aoife' via extraneous exclusion.

    The Irish language was first written down in the 8th century AD and has had exactly one spelling reform since. Even then, the spelling still emphasises etymological relationships over the principle of "one sound, one grapheme (letter)". Tbf, it is nice to see which words are related, even if you can't hear it. However, Irish is a lot like French in that it is actually quite consistent despite its unusual spelling from the perspective of other European languages such as German. (that means you can look up the rules, follow them, and start pronouncing new words correctly, unlike in English.)

    Regarding the name Aoife, the trigraph of 'Aoi' always makes the German sound of a long 'i' (English 'ee'), the 'f' is an 'f' and 'e' is like the German unstressed 'e' in the word 'Bitte'.

    Unlikely you will read this, Dennis. But in case you do, imagine how long I had to think about you while writing this. Yeah, that's a bit uncomfortable, but maybe it reminds you that loneliness is sometimes preferable to company xD


  4. Personally I prefer a bit of Irish Cream myself, so if you like a cheap/weak/store brand beer, or indeed the opposite, have at it as you prefer. Just do be responsible and considerate of those around you, please, thanks.

  5. I'm glad I didn't catch this live. I would have had a few choice words towards this whom insist people drunk. As alcohol has destroyed many of my loved ones its not a pleasant thing to hear and makes me angry.

    You do you Johnny.

  6. I wish I hadn't seen this 😀 I do supplementary stuff for community RPG's, and after watching this I i/have/i to redo the lot to make sure it's compatible with TYOV because I couldn't bear the thought of them not working with a game this good!

  7. Cheers in greek is as you said Johnny so don't worry about it. Stin = towards eyia= health sas= your putting it together as at (drinking) To your (good) Health. Opa is more of an exclamation like wow usually using when someone bottoms-up something or start dancing to encourage him to continue and shown support. Also fun fact : There are the English words Hellin(for the people) and Hellas for the Nation both old and new which are more accurate but everyone uses the greek word.

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