Let's Play the Dishonored RPG – Part 1 – a tabletop RPG actual play

Follow us into Dunwall as Rock Paper Shotgun’s Alice Bell joins us as a special guest to play the Dishonored RPG from Modiphius.

Apologies for the visuals on this one – the video files got eaten by rats.

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30 thoughts on “Let's Play the Dishonored RPG – Part 1 – a tabletop RPG actual play

  1. The song reminded this old person of some of the duets that Nick Cave did on his Murder Ballads album, for example the amazing one he did with Kylie – "Where the Wild Roses Grow" which everyone should hear at least once to truly understand Ms. Minogue's talent.

  2. What an absolute delight. Dishonored has one of my favorite worlds of any work, and I’ve been hoping you would be doing a play of this ever since it was announced.

  3. I love how in the first game there's a comment that talks about how everyone dies young anyway so why not join a gang? But this group of gangsters is like The Expendables of Dunwall gangs.

  4. So Temperance comes from an influential family, her family connections got her into the guard in the first place, she leverages her family to have power over people without having to even try, and she thinks she's better than the "lessers."
    This doesn't strike me as the kind of character the Outsider would mark. He gives power over others. He gives it to the oppressed, the dismissed, the mistreated, and those who dare seize power from out of the dark, filthy bottom of society.

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