Let's play more Thousand Year Old Vampire LIVE – solo rpg playthrough

Wheels and Johnny are back for more spooky story time as they play Thousand Year Old Vampire with you, the audience

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20 thoughts on “Let's play more Thousand Year Old Vampire LIVE – solo rpg playthrough

  1. This was a fantastic stream Wheels and Johnny! Both of you are excellent at writing and narration, and I definitely did not expect for this to have an ending with so many feels

  2. Names! If you want some nice period accurate names for your game, check out https://www.s-gabriel.org, which goes to the 17th Century.

    Re: Will Smith: on The Graham Norton Show, he said that Alfonso Ribero (Carlton) told him to name the character Will, because if Fresh Prince went big, everyone was going to call him that whenever they see him, so best to go with his real name.

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