Let's Play Into The Woods a SOLO RPG game of survival

🌟 A clever fantasy survival game played with cards and dice.

📚 GRAB THE GAME: https://jonspencerreviews.itch.io/into-the-woods

▶️ Nature Ambience by Cryochamber: https://youtu.be/WSycGYpepMA
▶️ Aaron Krogh: https://rpgmaker.net/forums/topics/11322/
▶️ Kyle Keller of Jack7 Productions (https://soundcloud.com/jack7music-1)
▶️ Alexander Ehlers: https://opengameart.org/content/free-music-pack


1 thought on “Let's Play Into The Woods a SOLO RPG game of survival

  1. Hi creator of Into the Woods… here! I replied on Reddit based on your feedback but wanted to duplicate my comment here for folks:

    Alright, I got to watch your video and really enjoyed it! I'll be sure to share this on my Twitter once I'm done typing this up.

    Before I get into any clarifications, let me first say that for English not being your first language you were very easy to understand and did a pretty great job following all of the instructions for the game. I know you said you weren't smart, but give yourself a little credit 🙂

    As for some clarifications/explanations for some design elements based on your feedback as you played through the game:

    As you figured out the weather always has two parts, the choice and the actual effect. I apologize if that was unclear. You indicate a "flow chart" or a cheat sheet of some kind would be helpful, there is actually one included at the end of the book.

    To that end, the bold words associated with the weather is something I can see leading to confusion. I didn't think of that even after several reversions as nobody had actually raised that point to me before. My thought was that since I provide the effect of the word no link was needed, but perhaps that would be helpful?

    For creature encounters, like the fungus about 15 minutes in I think there was some language confusion so I would like to clarify. When you were tasked with making a Spirit check, it wasn't an opposed roll, you simply needed to succeed. You did, which was very lucky! Since you did, the fungus then need to make a survival check to see if it could essentially "save" against you dealing 1 damage to it. In this example, it did. Rinse and repeat until you fail a roll yourself or defeat the fungus.

    However, since you played it a little differently (which was fine, it's all about having fun, and even though I could sense a little frustration, you seemed to be having fun) when you decided that the fungus "won" the encounter, you just had to take the setback and not additional damage like you ended up doing.

    I see that you kind of figured this out a few minutes later with the wolf pack though. I apologize once again for any undue confusion but seeing the struggles that pop up in play is helpful to me for future revisions and the like.

    Anyhow, you had a question about getting out of an encounter so let me answer that for you here. You may exit an encounter once you have gained either the "reward" or "setback" indicated by bestiary entry unless the entry tells you that you can't for some reason, like the wolf pack example.

    If you do not like this rule, you could consider (and this is not in the rulebook by the way, I'm making this rule on the fly for you now), you could try making a "stealth check" to run away without taking any reward. That would probably be fine and not break any balance.

    Finally, I wanted to clarify how damage works in the game because you took way too much! Anytime you make an opposed roll or the like and damage is dealt to you, it only decreases your health by 1 regardless of the difference. This is stated in the example turns and a few other places in the book.

    I think that if you were not recording and checking things on the fly, you probably would have realized several of these things on your own since you seem to sort most of the confusion out for yourself through playing. The example turns are very helpful for that reason along with the little cheat sheet at the end of the book.

    I appreciate all the feedback and the visibility you are giving to my product 🙂 Please let me know if I was able to answer your questions more clearly here. Best of luck on your channel and as always, happy gaming!

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