Latest Updates and Sales (22 April 2021)

Thought Police logoHello! The Thought Police have been hard at work with a lot of playtesting, updates, and internal company changes!

Latest Updates

$0.99 USD Sale

Four great titles on flash sale for only $0.99 USD!

Newest Titles


Four fantastic titles on sale for pay-what-you-want!

Management Changes

We must sadly announce the impending departure of Jim Liao, our general manager. He received a job offer too good to pass up. Unfortunately, he will no longer have the hours available to participate as an active partner in Thought Police Interactive. He will be with us through 15 July.

In turn, we welcome Leah Cohen to the team! She has been a credited consultant on some titles and has been a long-time playtesting leader for our head designer. We love her to pieces and are thrilled to have her onboard! She will be on Twitter and taking over duties bit by bit over the next few months. At first, her duties will focus on the heavy lifting on the backend required of the GM. However, she should be sporadically chatty on Twitter just like Jim and Liv soon enough! 🙂

New Website

We have a fully revamped website at! Now you can take part in Q&A, report bugs & suggest new features, and send us direct messages that go into our customer ticketing system! Be sure to also check out our community programs and original articles.

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