Lankhmar/ Savage Worlds Solo RPG discussion and a little Character Generation

Good evening everyone!

In this video I talk about 3 books primarily that I bought from to play Lankhmar in the Savage Worlds System.
I hope you find it informative!

As stated in the video here are the links to the books I bought on DriveThruRPG, I said DMsGuild too but that was something 5th Edition D&D for another video:
Solo Game Guide for Savage Worlds:
Savage Worlds Adventure Edition (I said I bought this on DMsGuild but it was actually DriveThruRPG):
Lankhmar – City of Thieves (Also DriveThruRPG):

Discord: Friend me on Discord and I will send you an invite link to Closet Nerd Solo RPG Server: ClosetNerd#4410

Thank you for watching everyone!


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