Just Thinking, RPGs, Channel stuff and Solo RPGS?

a channel update video, talking about things going on in RPGs, stuff going on with my channel and the thought of Solo RPGs in my life.

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4 thoughts on “Just Thinking, RPGs, Channel stuff and Solo RPGS?

  1. Happy MLK Day. I would like to see a detailed breakdown on the Super Soldier variant of the Experiment class… maybe an analysis that describes how Super Soldier deviates from the classic OCC.

  2. I have been toying with the random dungeon tables in the 1e DMG lately. I'm trying to figure out a streamlining process to be able to have a character, make a few rolls as you go for dungeon features and encounters.

    I used to play Tunnels & Trolls solo modules, and a couple months ago they had them all in a bundle at Flying Buffalo. Erik Tenkar might have a line on that, should you be interested.

    Another solo or group adventure game was Warhammer Quest by Games Workshop. You got a miniature, a stat card, items, and there were dungeons and stuff to go through via dice rolling. They used that weird 2d6 where you didn't add them, and instead read ⚀⚃ as 14, ⚅⚅ as 66, etc for random rolls on the table, with standard Warhammer mechanics for combat etc.

    As far as things for you to cover, what games do you have that you want to play but haven't yet gotten to? One of mine is White Wolf's Scion rpg (Hero, Demigod, God). I finally managed to put the core three books together back in 2019. I like the idea of playing mortal scions of the various gods from various pantheons, discovering their parentage, and trying to fight off the Titans and their ilk while gaining power and possibly taking a place in the pantheon.

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