Ironsworn Solo RPG || Session 2 || Fifth Ace Plays

Playing a solo RPG where life is grim and the world is perilous. In Session 2, Tamara sets out once again to discover the reason behind the sudden aggression of the Firstborn, and what seems like a simple investigation quickly spirals out of control…


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8 thoughts on “Ironsworn Solo RPG || Session 2 || Fifth Ace Plays

  1. Hey everyone!
    So you might notice that this session seems a little on the short side compared to the first; my recording session was just as long as the previous one, but I'm so out of practice that I ended up having to cut out about half an hour of just dead air. Hopefully by the time I do the next one (and I'm pretty sure it won't take another six months) I'll be a little more loose and able to handle the improv a bit better.
    Ciao for now!

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