Inhuman Conditions Review – The 5 Minute Blade Runner RPG

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24 thoughts on “Inhuman Conditions Review – The 5 Minute Blade Runner RPG

  1. Was really interested in this game and wanted to order it, only to find that the creators proclaim on the website where you can order it, that "the main thing about Cops is how Bastards they All Are". And no, this was apparently not ironic or sarcastic.

  2. Wait why didnt you test the big group number stuff IF it has a online variant. I totally get not getting people to come over to play the game but isnt it built for being played over discord, couldnt you have just… set up a big zoom meeting?

  3. I want to like this game as much as I like this video (a lot); but don't understand how any conflict arises when the interviewee is human. We played, I asked questions, he answered them normally, absolutely nothing suggested he might be a robot…and in fact wasn't. It was completely flat. Even role playing deeply, all roles want to convince the interviewer they are a human. Am I playing wrong? Do the humans have some sort of mental quirk that makes them behave oddly that I haven't seen in the rulebook?

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