How To: Solo Roleplaying pt1

This is a short intro to how to solo roleplay any game. The images show my OSR solo rules, but there is no difference between soloing D&D, Call of Cthulhu or Champions. It is all about getting the answers to the questions you would normally ask your GM.

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3 thoughts on “How To: Solo Roleplaying pt1

  1. Hey, I didn't notice you had a Youtube channel! I have been recommending your solo RPG modules in a few of my videos (in my most recent video, I recommended the one for Dark Streets & Darker Secrets); when I first purchased one of your products, I immediately identified your ideas as really good solutions for solo roleplay, but I didn't find the variants to run pre-written modules much to my liking. If you want to see a different way to run a module, with you as a solo GM with emulated player characters, I highly recommend you watch my Abraham's Method video. Cheers, I hope you keep on designing those awesome solo modules.

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