How to solo any roleplaying game adventure, as a Game Master! Abraham's Method of Player Emulation.

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13 thoughts on “How to solo any roleplaying game adventure, as a Game Master! Abraham's Method of Player Emulation.

  1. I am new to this whole Solo RPG thing and I find it fascinating how at its core, it is basically about using random elements (cards/word lists/Story cubes etc) and running those elements through your associating mind and bouncing it off a wall of context, like a plot, a situation, a personality and so on, which then steers your thoughts in new directions. I love it!

  2. This would also be good for simulating NPC party members when you are running solo with several characters. I have been thinking about how you would bring some structure to an NPC / Sidekick with some sort of framework for when they would speak, and what the subject or "target" would be, such as: general musings, Self, the PC(you), other NPC, the immediate situation, the general world and so on. When would they speak? Perhaps one could run some sort of counter like a twenty sided die that you cast every now and then to see if there is an NPC interaction. Perhaps some sort of ticker along with it that counts down every time you get a negative result (no interaction) so that eventually the chance increases, until there is an interaction whereafter the counter is reset again. You could then run the "target" for the NPC conversation through cards/words/cubes or whatever to get an idea about what they want.
    Its all driving me nuts but I will figure it out eventually 😀
    Edit: It would be great to hear your session example!

  3. This method and these decks of cards are very interesting. If I compare this method to the Mythic GM Emulator and other method of generating randomness, it all boils down to interpretation of results. The real A.I. is still in the player's mind. Thank you for the video.

  4. That sounds great, I hope I get to try it out soon! I'm usually not that quick in coming up with what a cue (such as those cards) mean, but I'm sure that's pretty much a matter of getting used to using it.
    And what about improv GMing, do you think your method will work well in those situations?

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