Flowers for Baryon Brass – Homebrew Solo Roleplaying

An adventure using simple homemade rules.


6 thoughts on “Flowers for Baryon Brass – Homebrew Solo Roleplaying

  1. Great stuff Paul. Your channel is one of the main inspirations for me taking up solo rpg games at 67! Never too old eh? I was always into board games and Sports replay games but had only a fleeting interest in D&D stuff. However, thanks mainly to you, 'Geek Gamer's' channel and a few others I'm now a committed solo rpg enthusiast. Always something different and interesting on this channel, but the trouble is I tend to buy everything new (to me anyway) that you introduce. 😃 Oh, more Basic Fantasy too please. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

  2. Really nice example of how less is more when it comes to rules. A simple 2d6 mechanic and some story cubes was all you needed to create a great story. Still plenty of character depth with the different skills and abilities but all using the 2d6 resolution method really keeps your focus on the fun of the game and the story you are creating. Even a simple addition, like when rolling doubles you get something extra that is helpful when the roll is a successful roll but get something extra that is bad when the doubles roll is a failure, would be an easy tweak that could add even more depth of play without adding in more complication in terms of the rules. The whole reason I thought if this was you double 5s roll when negotiating with the dark knight at the end. Perhaps the doubles successful roll not only allows him to be influenced by your character, but he gets something helpful in addition to persuading the knight to allow him to gather the flowers. Perhaps there was something about your character trying to help the king’s favorite minstrel to rest peacefully that touched the long lost humanity of the undead knight, as he himself has been cursed to guard this glade for eternity as an undead warrior, so he not only allowed your character to collect the flowers but now your character has a formidable ally in this part of the woods who could be called upon for aid in a future adventure. Obviously that’s not the only, or best, story that you could cone up with, my point is more that by using simple rules, with a simple tweak like doubles does something extra, adds little complexity but adds a lot of narrative potential, which is what we all want in our solo rpgs.

    Love your videos, keep up the great work! I honestly get a smile on my face when I see you’ve uploaded a new video.

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