Fairy Tale Tabletop RPGs

A dash of magic, a mysterious wood, a princess in disguise—fairy tales can spring to life in your tabletop roleplaying games. The fairy-tale #CypherSystem supplement We Are All Mad Here by Shanna Germain has just released, so we summoned Shanna, expert gamemaster Tammie Webb Ryan, and fey facilitator Darcy Ross to discuss fairy tale gaming.

00:00 Intro
01:47 We Are All Mad Here
03:00 Fairy tale RPGs
05:25 Tammie’s campaign
08:21 Long-term fairy-tale play
09:46 Mental illness and fairy tales
12:52 Our favorite fairy tales
16:42 Building settings
21:58 Fairy Tale Inspiration Tables
27:42 Story seeds & campaigns
31:22 Limitless characters
33:11 Decks and No Thank You Evil
36:30 Characters & NPCs
44:54 Magic & mechanics
49:11 Curses & blessings
54:16 Q&A section
54:29 What inspired mental health in gaming
58:57 Encouraging player backstory
1:02:42 Our favorite parts of We Are All Mad Here
1:07:00 Chewie Intrusion
1:07:17 Monte Cook’s Tree Wizard
1:08:32 Outro

Follow these folks on Twitter: Shanna Germain (@ShannaGermain), Tammie Webb Ryan (@tamwr), and Darcy Ross (@DarcyLRoss).

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