DM Yourself solo rpg supplement review

A look at DM Yourself solo rpg supplement by Tom Scutt.

How you can find your own copy of DM Yourself:


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13 thoughts on “DM Yourself solo rpg supplement review

  1. Solo RPG gaming Quest Wise game on my friend. Let go of the social side of the force embrace your inner solo side and come to the dark side of the force. Mew hahaha( that is my emperor laugh.)

  2. Been doing this a couple of years now with Chronicles of the Outlands from Better Games.
    with the 2 additional books Generating Quest for Outlands and Generating Climatic Endings for Outlands.
    The system uses Tarot Cars and 2d8.

  3. Great review of a great product – using this to play Dragon of Icespire peak and it is the best solo tool out- even better than Ironsworn. Please buy this if you want to solo.

  4. Great tip! Thanks! Here in brazil we're create a simple system call SOLO10, using only a D10. Simple and Fun. In DTRPG has a Vampire Game with the system, call Vampire Alone in The Darkness. Really cool. A friend wrote in english. Really cool and easy to create a lot a games. Great job man!

  5. I've been using sidekicks in my solo play since they appeared in the UA. It made soloing D&D tenable as you basically had to run 4 full character sheets before that. I'm glad to see them used in published works. And look at that, I just bought DM Yourself on drivethru. Thanks.

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