D&D Solo | Can I Play Dungeons and Dragons Alone

Got nobody to play D&D with? Never played before? Not a problem! Paul answers the question “can I play dungeons and dragons alone?” with reviews on how and where to find D&D solo modules, and how to make the most out of playing them.

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18 thoughts on “D&D Solo | Can I Play Dungeons and Dragons Alone

  1. I play DnD solo and find it great fun. I have a pair of characters and a world that they explore. I use random encounter generators and it works quite well making fun if sometimes bizarre stories. I also have them encounter classic monsters and situations and see how they handle it.

  2. I don't think I could do it. Choose your own adventure books are fine, but RPGs just need other people. If people enjoy it that's great, but for me it would feel too much like playing pin the tail on the donkey, by yourself, in the basement, on your birthday.
    So. So. Sad.

  3. I'm a writer, and I always wanted to try D&D, but I don't have anyone to play with, so I tried playing a solo D&D game, following the D&D rules and using dice as I write down what's happening in the story. Solo D&D feels like writing an improvised story, but with surprises caused by dice rolls, since things don't always work out or work better than expected, depending on how the dice fall. And it's pretty cool.

  4. Thanks for the suggestions! I’ve been designing my own solo table top games. These resources seem interesting. I’ll have to check them out. Also planning to do some large scale battle using dnd and other miniatures. Can you direct me to some resources that may be useful for this well? I want to draw my own custom battle maps and dungeons. And eventually I want to share my games and creations in some form with others who may enjoy them. Anyway thank you for showing us these resources in your video. I’ll have to take a look at them sometime. Sounds fun.

  5. I just played alone! And saved a kingdom unfortunately the I could not save the villagers u.u, the mind flayer eat their brains and was mind controlling the king to allure the people to it's portal, I was three player at a time it was really fun! For some reason one of my three characters would only have bad rolls 😂, I'm also a DM for my family and playing in group is very very fun and time consuming lol 12hr a day haha, but a hell of fun, specially of we just have fun, solo is fun to, you can invent your adventure as you go and roll for decisions rather the just taking them

  6. I prefer to be alone because I take things SO SERIOUSLY that I get irritated when people want to socialize or crack jokes during the session…..

    "I don't care about your bitchy boss! We have a dragon to slay!"

  7. I play it alone as well as DM for my son,I really like both ,I’ve been playing since the 80’s.The solo scene is getting very popular now,I’m surprised you didn’t mention the “Me Myself and Die “ you tube channel ,it’s really good,also the used of Oracles to emulate a DM,Mythic etc.There’s also “The Solo Adventurers Toolbox” which is a great help creating and running solo adventures.

  8. How did you make a video about roleplaying Solo and not touch on Oracle/GM Emulator tools? That seems like a huge oversight. There is even a toolkit for sale on DM's Guild specifically for 5e.

  9. Can you play d&d solo? Hell yes! You may need to supplement the game with a few random tables to fill the gaps and then all you need is imagination, maybe a oracle system(i use mythic gm) and just make notes as you go, its really that simple, it can seem like alot at first because of the expectations you put on yourself and getting into the flow of it, after that learning curve its really fun, my game is a solo sandbox style which has everything a group game has, I even roll to see what my sidekicks are thinking and how they feel about situations which come up which will give me ideas on how I should play them

  10. Newb question. If I want to dive into the D&D 5E solo world and I go to that link you provided should I start with one in particular? Or are none of the games connected to one another so can be played as if they were independent story lines. Thanks in advance

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